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Liegian Service Club (Blue Crew)

Blue Crew is the school service organization at Sepulveda Middle School. We assist at various events that occur at our school. Some of these include open house, back-to-school night, parent conferences, school tours, assemblies, and other special events.

There are regularly scheduled meetings during lunch. Listen to the announcements during homeroom and read the weekly printed bulletin. Usually we meet to plan for upcoming activities the Tuesday prior to the event.

To work at events you must come to the planning meeting. If you are absent on the meeting day, come to Room 80 two days prior to the event to get cleared to work. We must have permission slips signed for all evening events.

When working as a Blue Crew member, you must be in uniform, even for evening events. Absolutely no gum!

You will be assigned a jacket that you will use for the entire year. You will pick up your jacket before you begin your job and return it shortly after the activity. If you get your jacket dirty - don't worry - just tell us and we'll wash it. Don't ever dry clean a jacket; it ruins it.

Blue Crew members are expected to be role models for other students. You must maintain good grades and excellent citizenship marks (work habits and cooperation). If your grades slip you will be put on probation until they improve. This means that you won't be able to work at activities but you are still a part of Blue Crew.

Sponsor: Mrs. Dickerson