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Dress Code



Sepulveda Middle School–Based Management has a mandatory uniform policy, which consists of the following:


1. A white or navy blue collared shirt, or the SMS Hawaiian shirts, are the only acceptable shirts.  Students may purchase a plain white or navy blue shirt (three buttons ONLY, a collar, long or short sleeves) at any department store outside of school.  Undershirts/undergarments must be white only and must be tucked in.


2. Pants, shorts and skirts must be navy or black in color.  Navy or black jeans are acceptable.  Sweatpants, basketball pants, army fatigue pants, tights, leggings or jeggings are NOT permitted.  Shorts (NOT CUT-OFFS) and skirts should not be more than four inches above the knee. 


3.  Pants MUST fit at the waist and be able to stay up without a belt holding them up.  Pants must not be tied at the ankles.  NO baggy pants allowed.


4. Open-toe, high-heel, house slippers or platform shoes are NEVER allowed because of safety issues.


5. Students are NOT permitted to wear calf-length, long white socks, with calf-length pants.


6. Sports team jackets are NOT to be worn to school.


7.  Jackets, sweatshirts, and sweaters may be worn on cold days.  They must be solid black or navy blue in color.  No writing or logos are permitted on the sweatshirts or jackets.


8. Sun protection policy - hats may be purchased at the student store.  These hats are to be worn outdoor only.  No other hats or beanies are permitted. 


9. At no time are students permitted to wear long chains attached to wallets or clothing.  NO pointed, sharp gauge, nor any excessively large hoop earrings are allowed. 


10. Attire displaying profanity/vulgarity and/or drugs or alcohol is NEVER allowed.


11.  ALL "Non-Uniform Dress" days must comply with the LAUSD Dress Code Policy.


Please make sure that your child is appropriately dressed for school each day. We want Sepulveda students to be safe and dressed in a manner appropriate for a school setting. We want all of our students to dress for success.


Thank you for your support.