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It's all about English!

It's all about English!

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English 6th Grade

Sixth grade is a year of exciting progress in reading and language arts. The major milestones in Sixth grade reading and language arts are:

  • Fluent reading with a variety of literary genres
  • Successful application of comprehension strategies
  • Skillful composition development
  • Using punctuation appropriately
  • Ability to speak and listen proficiently
English - 7th Grade

The literature-based language arts program is designed for young people with various abilities and skill competencies. The literature provides developmental reading experiences in various literary styles, and affords opportunities for students to enjoy, to interpret, and to reflect upon the readings. The language arts activities are an integral part of the literature program. Major areas of study include the review and development of spelling, vocabulary, grammar, speaking and listening skills, independent reading, and compositions. Library research, using printed material and technology, and writing skills are emphasized. Standards-based instruction is the backbone of planning and implementation.


English - 8th Grade

The literature-based language arts program builds and further develops the competencies introduced to 7th graders. The literature program extends the reading experiences and opportunities for students. Emphasis is given to the analysis of character development, setting, plot, and theme. Written composition skills are expanded. A formal research paper develops library research skills, using technology as well as printed material. Standards-based instruction guides planning and implementation.


English Language Learners Level 1

Students will work on developing vocabulary. Students will also be able to understand oral commands and have basic comprehension of these commands. They will also produce simple vocabulary and be able to create simple sentences. A great deal of oral practice in English will happen in Level 1. Students will read thirty minutes per night.


English Language Learners Level 2

Students will work on increasing vocabulary. They will respond orally to comprehension questions and write simple sentences. Students will be able to understand what the teacher is asking and answer questions in English. They will also practice giving oral presentations, learn how to use the dictionary, and how to write a paragraph to respond to fiction and non-fiction stories. Students will begin reading short novels and writing essays. Students will read thirty minutes per night.


English Language Learners Level 3

Students will use a textbook to help master English. There will be practice with writing, working on grammar to make students better writers, and working on reading skills. Students will read two novels and engage in many activities to better understand the novels read. Students will work on detailed responses to stories. They will also work on expanding their vocabulary and using bigger vocabulary words in their written work. Students will read thirty minutes per night.


English Language Learners Level 4

Students will work on the English Language Development standards using the Milestones textbook. Students will work on being able to identify the different parts of a story, understand and identify figurative language, and they will work on learning academic vocabulary words that will be crucial to their ability to do well on the STAR exam. Students will work on different reading strategies in order to better comprehend grade level texts. Students will also work on writing and will practice in order to write better paragraphs and essays. Students will also learn how to proofread their own papers and check for mistakes. Students will read thirty minutes per night.



English Department Faculty

Rm 19 Cueva, Mayra 

Rm 23 Sanchez, Miguel                         

Rm 26 Chavez, Carmen

Rm 31 Farge, Emma

Rm 32 Wong-Hauptman, Francine

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Rm 30 Acevedo, Steven

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Rm 93 Levin, Tatyana

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